Contest Entry

The following photo is the one I submitted in the contest I had a proved by my professor:

To get this photo I attended a photoshoot that had lots of models and photographers in the Rexburg area. This is something this Honey Productions company us starting up to get people together doing clean fun things in the Rexburg area. They are holding another photoshoot tomorrow as well. But this photo is actually of another photographer that had the companies t-shirt on. That was part if the contest, the model had to be wearing the companies shirt.
The contest I did was on Honey Productions Facebook page. It was which ever photographers photo got the most likes by the end of one week won $100. I decided to join this one because it was the photo shoot here in Rexburg area and the company hosting it is new and trying to get going so I thought it would be a good way to put my work out into the community.
Facebook page for the contest:
Date I Submitted my photo on June 20th 2017.

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