Bannock Portraits

1. PORTRAITS (5+ images): The following are a few portraits I caught at Bannock. I have explained which lighting I have used. I have also included my group photo and ghosting photo. Please enjoy!
The first photo is my photo of a GROUP OF 2 OR MORE: Capture at least 1 group portrait with at least 2 subjects/models in the frame. This is also one of the three photos with auxiliary light used to get it. For this photo I used a strobe with a softbox. :

To get this next photo of the model out side I used natural lighting with a reflector that defused the light on her.

This next photo of the same model was just natural lighting with no reflector.:

The following photo is my GHOST photo: To get this photo I used a tripod, slow shutter to capture a transparent, and MiKayla walked across the room to be the moving subject.

For the picture of the cowboy sitting on the chair I used natural light coming through a large window in the room of the building we were in.
For this photo I used a strobe light. I loved how light this one turned out and how much detail you can see all over in the photo!:
This photo I used a reflector on the cowboy.: This photo was taken in the school. To catch this photo I used strobe lighting and a reflector.  This photo was taken inside the little jail we found. I used all natural light for this photo.: For this photo I used natural light:

I thought this one was just really fun to catch her laughing, the deflector reflector was being used:


3 thoughts on “Bannock Portraits

  1. ROFL!!! Oh my goodness!!! You totally got blooper pics of me!!! And I absolutely LOVE it. You all do amazing work. Keep sharing your world and how you see it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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