1. PHOTOGRAPHY – 6+ new portraits, at least one good example of each category:

1. Individual – Side Composition:

2. Individual – Head or Head & Shoulders:

3. Individual – Full Body:

4. Group Activity: Two or more people interacting candidly, and not looking at the camera.:

5. Group Posed: Two or more people, posing. May or may not be looking at the camera.:

6. Individual or Group Environmental:

2. EDITING – 3+ new portraits, not used above, and add the following edits. Be sure you explain your edits in your paragraph:
1.  For the edits in this following photo I edited a little bit of the color to make my friends hair darker. I also edited her eyes and teeth. I used the sharpening and the dodge tool to just lighten them up a little bit. I was going to get rid of any blemishes but she didn’t have any that I felt needed fixed!

Replace Color on The Edited image at large size:
Original image at thumbnail size:

2 thoughts on “

  1. Really nice work Kylee! I love the reflecting pool ideas you used in some of your photos. You did a really excellent job editing too. You seem to have a natural talent for posing your subjects and photographing them at a great angle to compliment the pose. Keep up the great work!

    Check out my blog: https://communicationportfolio1994.wordpress.com/

    And check out Andrew’s blog too: https://scholestvblog.wordpress.com/category/professional-photos/


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