Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Kylee Egbert. I am from Washington State and am studying Advertising in Communication. I enjoy hiking, camping, long boarding, paddle boarding, and pretty much doing anything I can out side!

                                                                          (Photo Taken By Morgan Rupp)

I have started taking pictures through out the years just for fun and have slowly started to take more and more and want to learn more about what to do to improve my over all photo taking. I have used Adobe Cloud of about a year now so have some experience with editing with those programs.

The following photos are ones I have taken in the past few years, and the edits I made to them are in paragraphs below each photo, enjoy!:

This picture was one I took on a hike with a friend and her dog. I took it as the dog was shaking water off of himself. This photo I edited in photoshop. I sharpened the dog and played with the over all brightness and contrast of the photo.

This photo was actually taken on an iphone one morning on the way out to a hike in Swan Valley with a friend. I took it as a panorama and loved the rays of sun shining through the clouds. There is no filter on this picture.


This is a photo I took of the London eye. I used a filter on Instagram when I posted it, and don’t remember which one I picked but I love the color blue and when I can make a blue color pop I do so I am sure it was a filter that brought out the blue of the sky.

This photo was taken last summer while I was up at Moody when the sun was setting. I used Photoshop to brighten some of the sky colors.

 This photo I took a few weeks ago and played with the contrast and brightness in Photoshop to make the sky pop.
This photo was taken in the Blues Pass I drive through to get home. I also posted this photo on Instagram and used a filter that brought the blues out in the photo.

This is my long board. For this photo I sharpened the wheel and blurred the background in Photoshop as well as played with the brightness of the photo.


 I shot this photo in Ashton Idaho. I love the story it tells of two farmers (one is my grandpa) visiting at the community car show on the 4th of July, nothing more American then that! I put it through Instagram as well so it was just one of the filters that made the car and grass colors brighter.
This I also took on a hike. I used Photoshop to brighten the colors to help make the sky pop. I also like how the grass gives a little pop of another color as well.

This photo was taken inside my car when my brother and I got caught in a bad winter storm in the mountain pass driving home this last Christmas. I loved how the water droplets were building up on my window and that you could see the trees in the back ground. I also put this photo through Instagram and added a filter that gave it a vintage look.


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