4C Photography Activity

Light 1:Outside


Light 2: Inside


Focus 1: Foreground


Focus 2: Backgroundkyleeegbert01lead1

Composition 1: Thirdskyleeegbert01rulesofthirds1

Composition 2: Lead Roomkyleeegbert01lead001

   I love taking photos when I get board, but I never really new how to use Photoshop to edit them so this assignment is awesome because I got to learn new skills that I can now use for my just for fun projects as well as assignments!  My favorite pictures that I worked on for this project was the outside lighting, the lead, and the rule of thirds photos.The one that was hardest for me was the inside lighting. I feel like the light is still a little harsh even though I edited it and lightened it in Photoshop.

   One of the principles we used for this assignment that I want to improve and learn more about is the inside lighting. I have tried taking photos inside before and never like how they turn out. I think that is why I love to take photos out doors because the light is amazing. So I look forward to maybe trying new techniques for the inside photo taking!


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