Magazine Cover Project Comm 130



Description: I was asked to create a magazine cover that show cased some of my personal interests, as well as a personal portrait of myself.

Process: I looked through some sample covers first for some ideas and tried to find a title no one had used before, but all of the ones I liked had been taken, so I just decided to use one of my Instagram user names and it worked out! I also had a picture in mind that my friend took for me as soon as I knew I needed a self portrait.

The titles of articles for my magazine were the first of my favorite things that came to mind. And I wanted to be sure to add my name some where on the cover so I decided to make my name a different color then everything else but wanted to be sure to use the same color, just a different shade of everything else on the cover.

The following are the steps it took to create my cover:

  1. I brainstormed what I wanted my magazine to look like by sketching out a couple of ways I could set up my cover, as well as what colors I would want to use. My sketches are the photo below on the left.



2.I then created a shape map, shown above in the picture on the right.

3. I continued on with the picture in InDesign and re sized it to be what I wanted it to be.

4.I then continued to add a boarder and make it wide and the same blue color as my shoes in the photo to create a them of the same color.

5.I then worked on the title and added the black line to break up the white space a little.

6.After that I added the text titles of my hobbies and decided to create one that went a crossed the bottom of the picture, where the railroad tracks blurred out.

7. I then saved my cover to a JPEG and PDF as well just so i had both just to be safe!


Critique Process: I met with Sister Nugent and Brooke from class to have my work critiqued.Sister Nugent helped me figure out how to make sure my picture looked good and was in high quality. She also helped me figure out how to make the title and boarder the same color as my shoes, as well as how to add a boarder. I also watched her critique video she posted and she suggested making my picture bigger so you could see my face better and so that there was not so much dead space. She also suggested making sure that my type was all lined up correctly and not stretched out too much. Brook also suggested the same about making sure that my type wasn’t stretched out so far that it was touching the boarder.

I critiqued Brooks, Hannah Murphy, and Skooter Thomas Byrnes magazine covers on Facebook. I also had my design critiqued on Facebook by Christopher Gromm and Adam O. King. Both suggested that I also fix my stretched out body type along the bottom of the magazine. I took everything each critquer said and fixed my design.Below is a picture of what I had first and then the fixed design is on the right in the picture.IMG_4165.jpg

Message: The message of my cover is to help the reader get to know me and what I like.

Audience: The audience would be anyone that picks up my magazine and wants to know me better!

Top Thing I Learned: The top thing that I learned was how to use InDesign better. I learned how to re-position and zoom in with out cutting parts of the picture off or making the picture blurry. I also learned how to add a boarder to a design and how to make the boarder thick. And I also learned how to use the dropper tool to make a type the same color as part of the picture.

Color Scheme and Color Names: The color sheme was grey, white, and blues. The color names were light blue, dark blue, grey, black, and white.

Title Font Name and Category: Lucida Sans and the category is Sans Script

Copy Font Name and Category: Lucida Sans and the category is Sans Script

Thumbnails of any Images not edited in project: The picture used was only edited in the project.

Source of Photo:


9 thoughts on “Magazine Cover Project Comm 130

  1. I love how creative your title is! It really made me want to read even further! I love your color choice and how it ties to your photo really well. You did a great job!!
    Laura’s cover is a good example of what you were talking about when you want to see your face at a closer angle,
    Here’s my blog,
    Great job Kylee!


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