Final Portfolio


 Process: I did all of my projects through out the semester so I took my projects and put them together on a slide in power point. The most I had to do for the slide portfolio is find a background to use and create some lines for the first and last slides.The message of my portfolio is to show case my designs from the past semester to show what I am able to design. The audience is any company that is looking to have me design something for them. Please enjoy!

Critique: So first off I commented on my classmates, Audrey Denidon and Tina Nowlin’s slides they shared on Facebook. I had my slides critiqued on the class Facebook page. Mine was critiqued by Katherine Nelson, Laurinda Bennett, and Shannan Gala. One of the critiques suggested checking my movie poster because it looked a little stretched out but I checked it and it looked good to me. Another classmate just asked about where I found the background and another liked the lines and colors.

Back Ground Slide Image Source:



12 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. Hi Kylee- Your final portfolio looks very nice. I, too, like your background and how your white lines and typography stand out to make everything clear. You did a great job on all of your projects as well. Nice work!


  2. Hi Kylee,
    This is a nice looking portfolio. I really like the blue background and the way you have showcased each of your projects and designs. I am sure this will serve you well if you purse design! Nice work!


  3. Great job on your portfolio! I really like the background that you choose! I also think that the font and font color really stands out and makes it very pleasing to look at! Overall great job!


  4. Hi Kylee! You have done such a nice job showcasing your good work. I don’t even have a favorite…they are all so nice! Your background is very subtly stunning especially with the white on it. Nice choice! And thanks for all your help with the critiques this semester! You have worked hard.

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  5. Kylee good job! I liked the color scheme you picked. I also really liked the way you used your repeating element. You always used the two long white rectangles, but in different ways.


  6. Nice job! I like your lines that you used on each of the slides. I love lines myself 🙂 Nice work this semester!


  7. Kylee, you did a great job putting all your work togehter in your portfolio. I love the dark blue background. The white typograhy and the lines make a great contrast. You have some amazing projects this term. I love your magazine and movie poster project.


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