Magazine Spread Project

First I started out with a few sketches of how I wanted my spread to look like. It helped that back in week 7 we sketched out some ideas, found pictures we wanted to use, and wrote our stories. I went back and edited my story a little more. Just to clean it up. From my sketches I actually changed my design layout a bit. Before I was thinking of having a road run through the center of the page from left to right, but in the end I fell in love with the picture I found for the back ground with the road going from the bottom of the page to almost the very top. I also made my shape map to help me think of where to best place my text boxes.

Here is a link to week 7 blog that also included some of my beginning ideas and sketches:


I critiqued Daniel Booth and Jessica Nebeker Aston design spreads. I received critique from Laurinda Bennett and Katherine Nelson. Laurinda and Katherine both suggested moving my type into columns instead of just two boxes. I am so glad they suggested it because I ended up doing 4 columns and I think it looks so much better that way. It looks more like a magazine.  I am so grateful for their honest critiques!

Here is the shape map and sketches for my project so far:

Final Project:

I changed a lot of my project. I changed my original color scheme. I also changed the way my pictures were lade out. And I changed the number of columns I originally planned on having. I rally liked how it turned out. Please enjoy:






Image Sources:


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