12A Magazine Spread Draft Critique

         First I started out with a few sketches of how I wanted my spread to look like. It helped that back in week 7 we sketched out some ideas, found pictures we wanted to use, and wrote our stories. I went back and edited my story a little more. Just to clean it up. From mt sketches I actually changed my design layout a bit. Before I was thinking of having a road run through the center of the page from left to right, but in the end I fell in love with the picture I found for the back ground with the road going from the bottom of the page to almost the very top. I also made my shape map to help me think of where to best place my text boxes.

Here is a link to week 7 blog that also included some of my beginning ideas and sketches: https://kyleeegbert.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/7a-magazine-content-sketches/

I critiqued Daniel Booth and Jessica Nebeker Aston design spreads. I received critique from Laurinda Bennett. (I will talk about this in more depth in my next blog, when it is due)

Here is the shape map and sketches for my project so far:



Shape Map:shape map.PNG


Header:Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold (Sans)

Body Copy: Arial (sans serif)

Subheader: Arial (Sans Serif)

Image Sources:








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