11A Web Page Layout

Final Website Design Page:


Shape Map:

shape map.PNG

Web Page Layout Sketch:


Process: To start this project I thought of what kind of company I want to work for and what they would want me to create a site for. I decided to stick with the theme I started with at the beginning of the semester, Europe and travel. So with that I decided to do a website where one would go to learn more about the companies study abroad options, as well as prices, and contact information. I decided to try and work with blue and orange (more of a salmon colored orange) because they are complementary colors. I also knew that I had the pictures I wanted to use from my visit to Europe. It worked out great that way! I then went to do a shape map but made the mistake of researching logos and extra photo’s and found the awesome glasses and the footer picture so I just added them into my shape map. My audience is to any student and parent of student wanting to learn more about studying abroad, wither it is to find pricing, see what countries the students stay in, or if it is just to find our contact information to find us.  I did change a few things between my sketches and my final product, hope you enjoy!

Critique: I critiqued David Osborne and Brittney Huntington’s webpage designs. My design was critiqued by Audrey Dension.( Posted it to the class Facebook and only one critiqued) She told me to make sure that I add the copyright information. I must have missed that in the directions so I was really glad she critiqued and told me to add that! So to fix that I went back and added Copyright information 2016 to the webpage right above my footer picture. I also had to go fix my coloring in Photoshop because it was changed to a green hue and I fixed it!

Color Scheme: Complimentary (blue and orange-salmon)

Fonts: Myriad Pro Regular (bold)

Links to Images:

The 3 large photos of England, Italy, and France are my own photos.

http://www.economics.illinois.edu/undergrad/students/abroad/images/studyabroad_landing.jpg study abroad picture

http://discountstudyabroad.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/header-logo.png glasses logo


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