10A Movie Poster Project

Final Poster!


Message/ Audience: I wanted to share with my audience that I love the movie That Thing You Do, it shows I love music and old school movies! Also wanted to a good job that shows that I am detail oriented. The audience is my new coworkers and boss at a new job. It took a lot of time, so I hope that shows on how it turned out and shows I am willing to get jobs done right! Also I think it shows that I enjoy fun and funny shows!

Critique Report: I critiqued Brittany Huntington and Shannon Gala’s projects on our class Facebook page. I also posted my project on the class Facebook page and only heard back from Sister Larson, but it was much appreciated and helped a lot! In the critique videos she posted for me she said to clean up the lines around the hair and left side of the chin. She also said to use some new techniques, that she posted a video for to make my face blend better and match the color of the other faces on the poster because I am very white compared to them! I the hair line by using more of the blurring tool to get the line to be less of a harsh line. I also used the match color tool to get my face closer to the color of other faces on the poster, as well as smudging some of the same color of other faces on my own.

Fonts: Title – Was part of the original movie poster (decorative)   Body Copy – Movie Poster Font (sans serif)

Images: The image of me I took of myself. Here is the link to the other image:





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