8CLFC Photography Activity

Rule of Thirds8C with WATERMARKING (1 of 6)


Foreground8C with WATERMARKING (3 of 6)

Lead Room8C with WATERMARKING (5 of 6)

Indoor Light8C with WATERMARKING (6 of 6)

Outdoor Light8C with WATERMARKING (4 of 6)

I love taking pictures and was so excited to get dive into Adobe! I am so glad for all the tutorial videos you can find to help you along the way of editing, importing, exporting all of the pictures!

The rule of thirds picture I took while out mountain biking a couple of weekends ago. I like that the river starts on the right but flows through out the whole picture.

The background focused picture I was worried that it wouldn’t turn out but it turned out a lot better then I thought it would! I thought the trees in the background would be perfect contrasted against my little cactus.

The foreground picture I took a couple of weeks ago at the Aquarium in Utah when I visited. I saw someone focusing in on the star fish that was on the glass, and I wanted to try it! I love how it turned out and that you can see the little feelers on the starfish!

The lead room photo I also took a couple of weekends ago. I saw the horse standing there and had to stop and snap a picture of it against the beautiful sky!

The indoor light picture was the hardest for me. You can still see a glare on the photo and couldn’t figure out how to edit that out. If any one has any tips on how to improve with indoor lighting and pictures please share, I am all ears!

The last photo, being the outdoor lighting picture I took Memorial Day weekend while out hiking. I loved how the sky was so bright and then the little valley was shadowed over by the huge clouds!

I took my pictures or found the ones from a few weeks back ( still this semester), loaded Adobe, imported the pictures, edited a little, watermarked, resized the pictures, fixed the pixels to 300, and then exported them!



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