8A Social Media Marketing Project

Social Media Strategy:  

I picked option A: Infographic for Facebook and Blog

Company: JetBlue

Objective: To inform clients and potential fliers that if they share a hash tag on their social media sites JetBlue will reward them with one year of free flights, because JetBlue is awesome! (SALES!)

Strategy: My strategy was to make a very catchy info graphic that informed the clients and fliers where and how they could participate in the give away.

Font Name: CA BND Web

Category of Typography: Sans Serif

I chose to stick with JetBlue from my last project because I really liked how much they have marketed using Social Media Platforms, as well as how they respond and communicate with customers through these platforms. I wanted to make sure that on my info graphic design it showed the variety of different platforms used. My message I wanted to keep simple but share how a customer could win this rather large perk by flying with JetBlue.

With my visuals I wanted to be able keep the JetBlue’s blue colors in mind, so I started with a blank temp let and created a dark colored back ground to contrast the light colored words and social media plat forms on. I also added grey lines to try and break up the design a little bit. I also added the picture of the plane in the blue skies to add to the design and bring the info graphic design

Critique Report: I posted my project on the class page but no critiques yet. Though I did go back and fix my words in the word bubble because before I only had half of what it was supposed to say and  didn’t notice it at first. Then when I added in the rest of what you do to win free flights for a year then it made since!

Here is my visual I designed:





Image Sources:



2 thoughts on “8A Social Media Marketing Project

  1. Kylee,
    Nice looking infographic. I love your social media images. The color scheme is nice as well. I would take a pic with a plane in the background if I was going to get free trips for a year. That would be awesome! Here is a line to my blog:https://motherlythoughtsblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/07/8a-social-media-marketing/
    And a link to someone else’s:https://landonchristensen.wordpress.com/2016/06/08/social-media-marketing-project/


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