7A Magazine Content & Sketches

For this assignment we get to write and design a two page spread for either the New Era or the Ensign. I have decided to write my article for the young single adults section of The Ensign. My audience is any young single adult(but it could pertain to anyone having a hard day really) that needs a little remind that the Lord is mindful of us and our needs. I wrote about a day I experienced where life was hard and even though it was hard I was able to see the Lord’s blessings in my life. This will relate to my audience because we all have those days that are hard, but that we can all try to see how truly blessed we are!  Below is my story, my sketches for the lay out of my two page article lay out, and the photos I would like to use for my layout. Enjoy!:

My Story:                                                       Broken but Blessed

The car wouldn’t start, the mechanic ripped me off, homework wasn’t done, and now the lights were left on in the car resulting in a dead battery. With no way to get places I felt trapped. Being one that doesn’t like to ask for help this was defiantly not how I planned on spending my first day back to my normal routine after a long weekend. As I grumbled my way to classes I tried to remain as grumpy as I could in all my misery and misfortune. As the day went on it became harder and harder to remain miserable and in so many ways the blessings in my life were showing through and through. The Lord is truly mindful of us.

Blessings started pouring on me. First it was my class mate offering to drive me to the auto store for a part, then my sister-in-law being whiling to load three rowdy kids into a car to pick me up a crossed town at a mechanics, another friend dropped everything to take me back to the mechanic. Then a coworker was whiling to pick me up and take me to work with no questions asked, another was whiling to look at the car that the mechanic hadn’t fixed, and a friend jumped my car for me. When the evening came and I thought the blessings were subsiding and I was grateful for those that had come through out the long hard day.

Then a knock came at my door at 9:00 pm. I figured if I waited to see if one of my roommates would answer I wouldn’t have to deal with seeing any one or being around anyone after such a long day. But as the knocks continued, I finally ran down the starts to see who the heck would keep knocking over and over at 9 pm. It was my sweet visiting teachers with a basket goodies and pedicure products. They sat and visited with me and just listened. It was just what I needed. I truly believe that these awesome sisters were inspired by the Spirit to come and be another blessing in my very long day. It re-kindled my testimony of the importance of visiting teaching. It reminded me and assured me that the Lord is mindful of each and every one of us! Do your visiting teaching, you never know when you are the answer to someone’s prayer, or the comforting friend someone needed that day.


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4 thoughts on “7A Magazine Content & Sketches

  1. You have an amazing start on this! You had me hooked right away in the first couple of lines. Aside from some minor edits, your content is easy to relate to and very down to earth. I loved how you shared a serious message from a very realistic and light-hearted viewpoint. Who can’t relate to a broken car and homework not done?!? Nice work! You are a good writer.


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