6A Slide Project

  1. Formulate a Plan:Color scheme: yellow and purpleMain Message: How to best respond when mental illness confronts you or ones you love.Type Face: Gill SandsTarget Audience: anyone with mental illness or a loved one with mental illness.

    Talk I Made Slides for: Like A Broken Vessel by Elder Holland October 2013 General Conference

    Link To My Chosen Talk: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2013/10/like-a-broken-vessel?lang=eng

    Speaker outline:

    1) Strive for Peace

    -No shame

    -tested and tried in this life!

    2) Faith in Him

    -appreciate the atonement

    -never lose faith that things will get better

    3)Take courage

    -search and persevere

    4) Seek council and advise

    -be honest with professionals you see

    -use gifts provided

    5)Partake of the Sacrament

    -believe in miracles

    6)Hope is never lost

    -“drink from bitter cup that it will pass”


    -watch for indicators

    -car over heating story

    8)Trust in God

    -dawn will break

    -you and love ones will be made whole

    Links To Pictures from My Slides:

    Slide 1: http://7-themes.com/data_images/out/11/6804666-ocean-sunset.jpg

    Slide 2: http://www.nature.org/cs/groups/webcontent/@web/@oregon/documents/media/ashland-watershed.jpg

    Slide 3:my personal picture

    Slide 4: https://static.pexels.com/photos/20974/pexels-photo.jpg

    Slide 5: http://science-all.com/images/wallpapers/calm-wallpaper/calm-wallpaper-6.jpg

    Slide 6: http://www.pics4world.com/vb/finecache/2/13210showing.jpg

    Slide 7: http://userscontent2.emaze.com/images/e3463406-3403-4489-950b-ad23a8e619d5/0a864212-3f95-4137-b547-69b5ed61e819.jpg

    Slide 8: http://athomeautocare.com/data_images/wallpapers/16/194338-footprints-in-the-sand.jpg

    Link to talk: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2013/10/like-a-broken-vessel?lang=eng

  2. Story Board Sketches:IMG_1945
  3. Here is how I designed my slides:6aslideproject-160525151704 (3)
  4. Critique Process
    -I posted my slides on the class Facebook for critiquing. Critique Report: So I posted my slides on the Facebook page to be critiqued on Wednesday morning. I received critiques from Laurinda Bennett and Joshua Myhlhousen. They suggested that they liked the line I had in my design but that maybe the purple triangle was taking away from the over all look of the slide. They also mentioned maybe changing the color of type so that it was easier for the reader to see. As I fixed my project up I went back and changed my type face to yellow instead of purple so that it could be easier against the different back grounds to see and read.Now please enjoy my final draft:


One thought on “6A Slide Project

  1. Kylee, I really like the sacrament slide. It gives me peace to simply view it. I like the talk you selected. I am not certain it was in this talk that it mentioned that “when the vessel is broken, the light can shine through.”
    Check out Sam Smith’s slide presentation: samsmith27.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/becoming-awesome-slide-design/
    and mine, too: https://loisparrish.wordpress.com/


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