5A Event Flier

Message: The message of this flier is to inform the reader that there will be a bake sale for students to raise money to be able to pay for a study abroad excursion.  It is to also let the reader know who is sponsoring the bake sale, as well as where, what time, and the price of the yummy goodies!

Audience: My audience is really anyone who wants french pastries, as well as whom ever wants to help these students go on a study abroad and help them get money to do so!

Colors & Scheme Listed: The colors I picked where blues, greens, and a pop of red. These colors are Triadic Scheme.

Critique Report:  

Who-Laurinda Bennett, Katherine Nelson, Jenny Gomez, and Sister Larson commented and critiqued my work.

*I also commented and critiqued the following classmates work on our Facebook page: Mar Gal and Stephanie Huston Bowen.

 What- The highlight of what they all suggested was to move my title off of the Eiffel Tower, get rid of the circle I had added to the flier, as well as to make sure I added logos to the flier.

Changes- The changes  I made after receiving critique on my first flier was that I added a shadow to my title so that it set it a part from the picture being it. I also removed the circle that I had placed with words in it because it was taking away from the design of the poster. And I also  added beneficiaries to the flier.

Links to Image Sources:

*The Effiel Tower Picture I took myself so there is no link.

The following links are for the 2 logos on the bottom right of my flier:



Font Name/ Category: Title- Haettenschweiler (Sans)   Copy- Rockwell (Slab)

The following are 2 images of my project, one is while working on my project in Word and the other is the finished product:



The Final Flier:




One thought on “5A Event Flier

  1. Hi, Kylee-I really like the picture you chose. I thought it was smart to say “made with love” as that ties in the red a little. I like how you put the two logos together in the transparent box-that is a great way to put a couple of things together that don’t necessarily go together. I’m going to try that next time. Nice job. Here is the link to my blog if you want to check it out: https://shannongalaportfolio.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/event-flier-project/


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