Tasteful Typography

Process: I found a picture of Big Ben clock tower in London England because I wanted to do something with London and how beautiful and inspirational it is. When I found this picture i loved the colors and the first thought I had was Peter Pan. With that I thought of people who may have or maybe reading Peter Pan and wanted to add a quote from the story that really the reader think. So my audience was anyone who reads the Peter Pan books.

Critique report paragraph: I am posting my design to the Facebook page today to have it critiqued, I thought we had until Friday to do so but I must have been mistaken.

 Links to image source:http://www.qantas.com/images/qantas/Digital/Website/Images/heroimages/Destinations/Europe/UK/London/london-big-ben-night/jpg/hero.desktop.jpg

Font Name & Category: Garamond (Oldstyle)

Title Font Name & Category:Gills Sands Ultra Bold (Sans Serif)

The following pictures are a snapshot of my project as I worked on it in word as well as the finished project:

Tasteful Typography


Tasteful Typography-page-001 (1).jpg


2 thoughts on “Tasteful Typography

  1. Kylee, I love your picture and you thought. I love Peter Pan. My only suggestion would be if you could make the text book blend more into the picture rather than see the outline of the box.


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